News Conferences Video(s) - City of Austin, TX Video Archive
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Video Date Duration
Business Meetings Apr 21, 2021 02h 37m
Business Meetings Mar 17, 2021 03h 46m
Special Call Meeting Mar 10, 2021 02h 26m
Special Call Meeting Feb 24, 2021 01m 41s
Work Session and Business Meetings Feb 17, 2021 03h 17m
Work Session and Business Meetings Jan 20, 2021 01h 52m
Business Meetings  Dec 16, 2020 02h 20m
Bring Your Legislator to School Online Virtual Event  Nov 23, 2020 01h 05m
Work Session and Business Meetings  Nov 18, 2020 03h 26m
Business Meetings  Oct 21, 2020 05h 37m

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